mask Welcome to Studio Art II

    Studio in Art is a pre-requisite for this course.  In Studio Art II, students will develop the ability to demonstrate the effective use of composition and design through various conceptual and technical approaches.

    In this course, students will:

    Explore the diverse qualities and application of materials in an inventive and imaginative way

    Use tools and materials in a systematic and disciplined way

    Unify the principles and elements of design in their work/project

    Work with increasing independence in the realization of creative intentions

    Sustain a chosen study from conception to realization

    Work with others to solve a visual problem

    Know the vocabularies and concepts associated with various types of visual art work

    Know how to communicate in various visual, oral, and written formats

    Demonstrate the difference between representation, realism, abstract and non-objective

    Effectively design and compose space

    Apply master artist’ concepts, design, and technique in a personal interpretation using three-dimensional form through relief and the round approach in sculpture

    Represent form and space using a variety of technical approaches, including gesture, contour, shading, tone and value while working from imagination, observation, memory and experimentation

    Utilize and apply color theory and specific painting techniques in effective composition that demonstrates meaning, mood or personal imagery

    Maintain a cumulative portfolio