• US History and Government                                     Required                                                        1 Credit


    One major goal of the State Social Studies curriculum calls for students to learn about the structure and function of governments and learn how to take on their roles as citizens.  Students should understand those basic principles and the cultural heritage that support our democracy so that they can become informed, committed participants in our democracy. This core curriculum lists examples that describe how individuals and groups throughout history have challenged and influenced public policy and constitutional change.  These examples in this course of study should help students understand how ordinary citizens and groups of people interacted with lawmakers and policy makers and made a difference.


    This core curriculum is organized into seven historical units.  Each unit lists the content; concepts and themes, and connections teachers should use to organize classroom instruction and plan for assessment.  The State Regents Examination for United States History and Government will be based on the content column in this core curriculum.

    Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Global History and Geography II



    Homework chapters are assigned by sections.  Each section counts as one assignment.  Students are to complete questions 1-3 for ALL homework assignments