Mr. S.Washington

    Woodlands High School



    Course Description

    In this full year course, you will investigate the science of biology.  This class meets every day for lecture and every other day for labs.  To accommodate the many different learning styles, you will be learning from a variety of sources: classroom discussions, computers & technology, class projects, labs, films, and notes. 


    Course Topics:

    Some of the topics we will cover are:

    --  Ecology

    -- Cells

    -- Microscopes

    --  Experimental Design

    -- Body Systems

    -- Reproduction

    --  Genetics

    -- Evolution

    -- Plants

    --  Human Impact on

        the Environment





    • Text: Biology –New York State  Miller and Levine
    • 1 –1 ½ “ Binder with 4 dividers
    • Loose leaf Paper
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Calculator
    • flash drive


    Laboratory Investigations

    Labs are required for the NYS Board of Regents.  If you do not meet the specific number of labs, you will no be able to take the Regents exam and thus will not obtain the credits needed for graduation.  If you miss a lab, you will need to come to extra help to complete the lab within the next week.

    Labs will be explained at the beginning of each lab period. We will begin the year with a lab focusing on safety. You will be expected to maintain a safe, cautious attitude during lab. 




    Quizzes, Tests, & Projects

    All assignments will be announced in advance, usually on Monday, so you have plenty of time to prepare.  Quizzes and Tests will be announced on the Homework board.  Expect at least one quiz per week, usually on Friday.  Tests will be less frequent and will cover more material.  I will inform you in advance what material you should cover when studying for an exam.

                Make-up tests & quizzes are required if you were absent.  Please see me before or after class to schedule a time for a make-up.  If you are absent for 1 day, you should make up the quiz/test the following day.  If your absence covers more than a day, make-ups should be scheduled within the week (3-5 days after).



    Homework assignments will be handed out on Monday for the week’s works. This is to help you plan your time and keep up if you miss a day.  In case of absence, your assignments are due one day after your return.  Assignments that are to be handed in should be taken out at the beginning of the period and should have a complete heading.


    Homework Grading System

       Check +

     10 pts.

    Very Good


    8 pts.


     Check -

    6 pts.



    5 pts.

    Half complete


    4 pts.

    Late but complete




    Your grade is based on everything you do.



    Percent of Grade

    Tests, Quizzes and Projects




    Homework/ Classwork



    Participation includes active involvement in lab assignments, group activities, journal entries, and class discussions.  This is considered as part of the classwork grade. Do now activities will be part of Quizzes.


    Extra Help

                If you are experiencing any difficulty in any area that we are covering please see me for extra help/support after school.  There are two opportunities for you to meet with me after school.  If neither of these work for you, we can schedule an appointment during school hours. 



    I expect you to be on time and seated when the bell rings.  You should also be ready to participate in all classroom activities, discussion and assignments.  I expect everyone to be honest when doing your work. Please review the statement of academic integrity which is found on page 12 in your student handbook (agenda).  I expect you to give your BEST effort on assignments, to stay positive and enjoy your year with the living environment. 





    Learning Tasks and Activities

                This schedule is a sample of the beginning of our school year.  It is tentative and subject to revision.  It does not include all specific assignments and activities.  The reading assignments listed under each week should be read before the previous class date.


    Week 1:

      • Introduction to course and lab requirements
      • Personal profile sheets
      • Learning styles and multiple intelligence surveys
      • Journal #1, reflection and goal setting
      • Review lab safety
      • Science terminology


    Week 2:

      • Weird but true biology facts/ What is biology
      • Current event article
      • Safety lab and Safety contract collection (lab activity)
      • Book distribution/ Book quiz
      • Subarctic Survival game and journal (collaboration activity)
      • Living vs. Nonliving (lab/collaborative activity)
      • Needs of living things


    Week 3:

    • Chapter 1 in text (readings and question/answer assignments
    • Skills using the Scientific method
    • Penny lab (Lab activity)
    • Observations (Lab activity-Cat’s Meow)
    • Life functions
    • Lab materials Investigation (Lab activity-working in the lab)
    • Worksheets and pre-lab activities (lab materials)

    Week 4:

    • Review of Characteristics of Life
    • Mini-quizzes (fast fives- ten point do-now quizzes)
    • Pamphlet on Life functions
    • Introduction to Concept maps
    • Life Functions (Lab-intro to micro-viewers)
    • Levels of organization
    • Worksheets on Life functions (crossword, review chart, vocab.)
    • Quiz- Life functions

    Week 5:

    • A closer look at scientific procedure
    • Chapter 1 review and assignments
    • Measurements in the laboratory
    • Metric System (notes and lab-I am a metric creature)
    • Metrics (Lab activity- old time measurements)
    • Graphing in the lab (time and place for using different graphs)
    • Graphing Lab (Lab activity)

    Week 6:

    • Experimental Design
    • STATE LAB-Making Connections (Designing and Performing experiments and following trends in the data to draw relevant conclusions)