• The 6th grade theory continues with review of scales and the development of simple triads of the Major Scale. Building Chords using the 1, 3, 5, with each note of the scale being the ‘ 1 ‘ or root note. The term ‘ Interval ‘ is defined so students understand how to derive the 1, 3 , 5.

    Modern Music is explored, how it was derived from the Blues:  Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Jazz, Blue Grass, Country, and Hip Hop. We discuss as culture and social issues change so does music; that one influences the other.

    Keyboard instruction is continued. Students are required to use their knowledge of this instrument to write simple original melody lines and playing them using the right hand in the treble clef and the left hand in the bass clef.

    In the upcoming school year there will be a select Ukulele group, learning how to play the Uke.

    Again, the IB units will be reinforced with song, Dance and the like parallel to what is being taught in the classroom.