• Today’s Falcons are Tomorrow’s Leaders


    Dear Student‐Athlete,
    You have an excellent opportunity to represent Woodlands Middle/High School on the playing field which first requires you to be successful in the classroom. The foundation for your academic and athletic success will need you to be focused, determined, dedicated and disciplined. It will demand you to successfully balance your effort and manage your time between your academic and athletic responsibilities.  Please take advantage of the unlimited diverse opportunities to grow in all aspects of life and remember that representing Woodlands Middle/High School is a privilege. The athletic department takes great pride in the accomplishments of our student‐athletes and expects our student-athletes to be leaders on their team, in our schools, and in our community.
    Best of luck to you during the upcoming academic year.

    Micheal McCoy

    District Director of Athletics

    914.761.6000 ext. 3014