Board of Education Goals

  • 2018-19 BOE Goals

    FOCUS AREA I – Update District Facilities and Technology
    Enhance facilities to ensure student safety, including control and monitoring of school entrances and exits, fund additional security staff positions, and provide additional security training to all staff by June 2019.

    Fund and begin implementation of a plan to enhance District-wide facilities to improve educational programs. The Board of Education will support a Capital Improvement Plan to be submitted to the voters no later than March 31, 2019.

    Enhance district-wide technological infrastructure, update educational practices, and promote student innovation and use of technology (STEAM initiatives) in accordance with action steps outlined in our NYSED 2018-2021Technology Plan.

    FOCUS AREA II – Expand Stakeholder Engagement
    Enlist community and school stakeholders support for our plan to maintain and enhance our facilities as measured by stakeholder’s response to support a capital improvement plan.

    FOCUS AREA III – Align and Articulate Curriculum
    Improve student achievement (Literacy and Numeracy) by 3% for 100% of students for the academic year 2018-19 (Kindergarten-Grade 8 as measured by iReady Assessments and Grades 9-12 as measured by English Language Arts(ELA), Algebra Common Core, US History and Earth Science Regents Examinations).

    Support the social and emotional health of our students by implementing programs, professional development, and curriculum in accordance with SED benchmarks for Social and Emotional Learning throughout the school year.

    FOCUS AREA IV – Stabilize Leadership
    Create/adopt and implement a tool for evaluating school climate for the 2018-19 school year that will provide data useful in promoting staff retention.

    Promote diversity of instructional staff by advertising employment opportunities in a wide variety of venues and ensuring diversity in our hiring committees.

    Settle and ratify expired collective bargaining contracts.

    Engage100% of the leadership staff in training on culturally responsive teaching and effective development of staff evaluation.

    Create an exit survey for staff leaving the district and establish procedures for its implementation by June of 2019.

    FOCUS AREA V – Fiscal Stability and Efficiency
    Update and implement our five-year budget plan, and determine the costs, benefits and limits of our cost savings measures.

    The Greenburgh Central School District will focus on identifying alternate sources of revenue for the 2018-19 school year.

    Increase strategic partnerships and grant opportunities by 2020.

    Resolve outstanding financial issues with student activity accounts by June of 2019, and implement regulations to ensure financial discipline going forward.