English as a New Language


    Dedicated to Helping all our Children Excel Linguistically and Academically!


    Inclusive, content-rich, K-12 Instruction for our Multi-Language Learners!

    Rationale for integrated co-taught, and/or Common Core-aligned, content/standards-based curricula in our ENL classes:

    Please review the terms below to assist in understanding our program: 

    ELL or MLL: English Language Learner or Multi-Language Learner (student)
    ENL: English as a New Language (program)
    NYSESLAT: New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test
    L1: First or Home Language
    L2: Second Language/English Language

    Our diverse and dynamic English learners are challenged to acculturate, develop social and academic language, and master complex academic content – all at the same time! This is made possible through the support of family, dedicated teachers, and caring and supportive school communities.  We accomplish this through a compassionate and adaptive network of social-emotional and linguistic supports and through inclusive, collaborative, Common Core Standards-based/ or content standards-based language instruction.

    The NYS Education Department has underscored through the release of documents such as the amendments made to “CR Part 154 Regulations Pertaining to Services to English Language Learners”, and the NYS “Blueprint for English Language Learners Success”, that Common Core ELA or content–based ENL instruction is the state-wide expectation for the instruction of ELLs or MLLs.

    Per the NYSED “Blueprint” referenced above:  “The NYSED P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) require that every teacher be prepared to teach academic language and challenging content to all students, including ELLs (MLLS).  All teachers must be skilled in how to support ELLs as they acquire content knowledge while also progressing towards English proficiency.  It is imperative that all educators work across the content areas to ensure that all students meet the high demands of the CCLS.”

    Our programs endeavor to provide nurturing learning environments and academic language instruction to ELLs or MLLS in ways that that leverage their cultural heritages, as well as grade-level content concepts and knowledge in order to facilitate students’ acquisition of academic English.  In other words, our language instruction is based on the talents and needs of our students and is content-based, as endorsed by decades of research - as well as what we know to be good and beneficial for all the children in our schools