Our Community-Driven Plan

  • The Greenburgh Central School District is proposing a $114.6 million capital project, developed with the guidance of a diverse, community-driven Construction Advisory Committee. The plan proposes a unified campus for all Greenburgh students – Pre-K through 12. The unified campus model has been shown to deliver Academic Benefits, Economic Benefits, and Social Benefits.

    This is a solution that will provide students with a safe, healthy environment to learn in while helping maintain strong surrounding property values and positively shape Greenburgh’s reputation. It is a forward-thinking plan for creating state-of-the-art facilities that would elevate the learning experience, contribute to improved student performance and reduce outward migration of students. It will provide an updated playing field and track, performing arts venue, and recreation and meeting spaces for the entire community to use.

At A Glance

  • Richard J. Bailey and Highview Elementary Schools would both close as part of this plan, and a new school building for grades 3 through 8 would be constructed. Lee F. Jackson would be expanded to include Pre-K through grade 2, and Woodlands would become our High School.

    For student-athletes, the plan includes a multipurpose, natural turf athletic field and press box, new track, elementary playgrounds, middle school outdoor play area, and outdoor educational spaces for all grade levels. And our performers can look forward to a new state-of-the-art auditorium in the new 3-8 school. These recreation and arts spaces along with new community rooms will be accessible to the public on non-school days and evenings.

    Every new space and facility would provide students and faculty access to optimal learning and teaching environments that are healthy, secure, energy efficient and sustainable. Follow this link to see a School by School Snapshot of the proposed enhancements.

    And, follow these links to read more about the benefits of our World Language and STEAM programs, which will be receiving designated learning spaces as part of the proposed plan.

Creating 21st Century Learning Spaces

  • Students thrive in school buildings that are safe, healthy and designed for learning. 21st Century learning spaces promote project-based collaborative learning by being adaptable, flexible and mobile, ergonomic and tech-ready. The modern classrooms proposed in this plan will encourage hands on learning, which has proven to keep students more curious, engaged and innovative!

    Follow this link to read more about the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning Spaces, as outlined by P21® Partnership for 21stCentury Learning, which has helped shape this plan.


Investing in Tomorrow’s Greenburgh

  • While this is a large investment, the bottom line is that capital investments in your community’s schools pay off! Dividends include improved student achievement and increased local home values. 

    “Passing a measure causes home prices to rise by six percent or more. We also find some evidence of effects on student achievement several years after bond passage.”
    - University of Pennsylvania Quarterly Journal of Economics

    Our buildings are outdated, in a state of disrepair, and don’t meet current educational standards. Our students and residents deserve better! The 2019 Capital Plan offers a long-term solution for a brighter future. Our goal in putting this plan forth is to secure the votes, and thereby the funding needed to make this promising dream of unification an impactful reality for the entire community of Greenburgh.

    The plan for Greenburgh Central School District’s unified campus proposes a place for the entire community to enjoy, from its newly refurbished athletic facilities and auditoriums to its outdoor performance spaces and play areas. These kinds of improvements to campuses have proven to result in a noticeable sense of pride by students, accompanied by a new enthusiasm for attending school. Teacher morale and retention rates have also been shown to improve, also attributed to a re-energized sense of school spirit and community.

    As envisioned by the Construction Advisory Committee, it would transform our property into a tremendous point of pride for all of Greenburgh.

Greenburgh Central School District Elementary Entry
Greenburgh Central School District Middle Schoo Entry
Greenburgh Rendering 4
Greenburgh Rendering 6

Capital Project Video 1

Capital Project Video 2

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Greenburgh Central School District Bond
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Greenburgh Central School District RJB Community Room
Greenburgh Central School District 3-8 Building