P.E Review Sheet



                The American game of football, as we know it today, has grown rapidly from its earliest beginning in England’s Rugby Union, to the first college game between Princeton and Rutgers Universities in 1869. Each team had 25 men on the field; the game more resembled soccer than football, as running with the ball, passing, and tackling were not allowed. Today, football is considered by many sports lover to be the king of all sports.

                As football flourished in America there were many individuals, who for one reason or another, did not have the opportunity to play varsity football. These people persisted in using the fundamental of football to invent games which paralleled tackle football. From these inventive assortments can a game called flag football. Flag football was first introduced in the intramural program at the University of Florida. We play a modified version of flag football.


    Objective of the game:

                To give students the opportunity to understand the terms and workings of a regular football game. This will allow them to become better spectators. It also gives them the appreciation of the skills necessary to play in a football game as well.




     -  In a regulation game of football you must move the ball 10 yards for a first down

        In our game, 2 consecutive completions (in a row) earns a first down


    -  A regulation game of football consists of four downs (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

       In our game, we allow only 3 downs


    -  The line of scrimmage is an imaginary line that extends through the ball from sideline to sideline, splitting the offense and the defense.


    -  A completion is a forward pass that goes over the line of scrimmage and is caught by a receiver


    -  An interception is a pass that is intended for a receiver, but is caught by a defensive player



    -  A touchdown is worth 6 points after which you have the choice of kicking a field goal for one point (total 7 points) or running another play from the three yard line for a 2-point conversion (total 8 points)

       In our game a touchdown is worth 1 point. We do not play extra points.


    -  In regulation play, the center is an offensive player

       In our game, the center is a defensive player


    -  The term offsides is when a member of the offensive team is on the defensive side of          

       the ball before the ball is hiked


    -  A regulation football field is 120 yards long and 160 feet wide


    -  There are 11 players in a regulation game of football




    In the space provided below, diagram a passing play or route that we learned in class. Be sure to include: 1) the name of the pattern or route, 2) the players and their correct positions and 3) the direction of movement.














    Football Language:








    Down and In

    Down and Out

    Line of scrimmage