Ashley Pineda

Ashley Pineda
  • Position:
    Board Trustee




  • Family:
    Together, my wife Elizabeth Pineda and I are parents of two wonderful children that currently attend the school district.

    I lead a team of Server and Network Engineers that maintain a multi-national law firm’s IT systems. This role requires negotiation, leadership, management, budgeting, coaching and communication skillsets.

    Community Involvement:
    I participated in the Greenburgh 2019 CSD Bond proposal by distributing flyers, speaking with town constituents and participating in the Bond proposal videos. I also ran for the Board seat that opened in 2018 and attended a Westchester-Putnam School Boards Association workshop for prospective Board members.

    Why did you run?
    I ran because I have children in the school district and am inspired by the progress our district has made. I think our district is well on its way to becoming a world class school district and would like to help that effort by contributing my time, skills and efforts. The first thing I heard when I settled in Greenburgh over 8 years ago was “Don’t send your kids to GCSD.“ But after experiencing fi rst-hand the progress my son has made in our public school versus his prior private school, I disagree with that assessment. I would enjoy the opportunity to help turn those preconceived notions around by sharing facts about what the district is doing to prepare our students for the future challenges they will encounter.

    What are the top three challenges facing our school district?
    1. Aging Facilities
    2. Perception of our School District
    3. School District’s Unequitable State aid funding

    How would you like to address those challenges?
    Aging Facilities can be addressed by re-launching the Capital Bond plan but taking the lessons learned from our recent attempt and ensuring that we propose a new bond that the community is vested in and willing to support. Perception of our School District has improved over the last few years but many in the community still have outdated information, judging from feedback at Bond proposal meetings. We need to reach out to residents who do not have children in the District and bring them up to speed on how our district is preparing children for the future. Our School District does not receive an equitable share of state aid compared to other school districts and the current aid formula does not properly support our District’s needs. Districts on Long Island with a comparable tax base receive a much greater proportion of School Aid funding than Westchester districts. We can address this by joining other districts and lobbying to persuade Albany to provide us with updated funding amounts.