Instructions for Families- Using the ezSCRN Health Verification App

  • Setting up ezSCRN- If you have not done so already:

    • Download the ezSCRN app from the Apple Store or for Android users, use a browser on your phone and enter the following: You may also access the app from a desktop or laptop computer. ezSCRN can be installed and operated on multiple devices using the same log in credentials.
    • Read the medical disclaimer. You MUST agree to the disclaimer to use the app/site. When done, press the “AGREE” button.
    • You will receive login credentials via email from ezSCRN
    • Enter your login email and press "Next". Now enter your password and click "Next". DO NOT USE THE CREATE ACCOUNT BUTTON.
    • Please be sure to change your password by logging out and clicking "Forgot/Change Password". Follow the instructions on the App. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to understand your responsibility when using the ezSCRN App.



    Using ezSCRN- Once you have taken your child(ren)’s temperature and are logged into the app/on the site here is the step by step instructions on how to complete the screening:

    • Under the orange bar the student’s name and location will appear
    • Swipe left on your child’s name
    • Click on “Assess”
    • Click on “Actual Assessment”
    • Under Screening Test, select “Check for Signs and Symptoms”
    • Select “Self-Reported”
    • There will be 11 Signs and Symptoms listed.  Please scroll through the list of signs and symptoms and select any that may apply.  If you have no signs or symptoms, click “None”
    • Click “Done” which is located on the orange bar at the top of the screen
    • A red, yellow, or green box will appear along with a message advising you of your results
    • Click “Continue”.
    • A blank box will appear for your signature. Using your finger or stylus please sign your name and click “Sign.”
    • You will see a verification screen showing either Green, Yellow, or Red.



    If you have a green result, your child is clear to come to school.

    If you have a yellow or red result, please keep your child at home.



    Please make every effort to ensure you complete ezSCRN each day. THIS IS A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE BENEFIT OF COMMUNITY HEALTH. Students arriving without verification will have temperature taken at the door and if below 100 degrees will be admitted. The school will follow up with the family to complete the questionnaire. Students with a temperature of 100 degrees or greater will not be admitted and parents will be contacted for pickup.