Jamaal Thomas

Jamaal Thomas
  • Position:
    Board Trustee




  • Family:
    I am the proud single father of a 23-year-old daughter. Evalaurene is a first year teacher in the Bronx.

    I am co-founder of an education consultancy firm with my daughter.

    Community Involvement:
    I attended Woodlands Middle and High School and have been involved with programming at the Theodore Young Community Center. I have several friends in the district whose kids affectionately call me ‘Uncle Jamaal.’

    Why did you run?
    As a person who has long been passionate about transforming the education system and who spends the majority of my time speaking and working with people who are doing just that, I can think of nothing better than to bring the collective knowledge and resources that have been shared with me back home to my local school district and the community that I love.

    What are the top three challenges facing our school district?
    • Facilities are in urgent need of upgrades
    • The world is moving faster than most people know and learning models need to be updated to prepare students for the 21st century
    • I can help the Board operate as a cohesive unit that can best create policy that is best for our young people and community at large.

    How would you like to address those challenges?
    Over the past 3 years I’ve talked to thousands of students and over 1,000 educators asking them what they believe is most needed to create a successful education system. I will bring all I’ve learned and work toward making Greenburgh Central School District a sought-after place to send children. I will bring a spirit of cooperation that will allow us to put our heads and hearts together in order to best serve all the district’s stakeholders.