Review Reconstruction – Examine how the nation was reunited, the South under construction, change, problems with the Native Americans, and settlers in the West.

    Industrial Revolution  The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840.     

    Immigration and Industry – Students will explore immigration and the impact it had on the growth of business in the United States. Lessons explore the melting pot of many nations, the changes in the industry, and the workers and their rights.

    The United States as a World Power – Students will learn about the United States shift in policy during the Era of Reform and Overseas Expansion. Lesson detail events in overseas expansion such as imperialism, yellow journalism, muckraking, and the U.S. involvement in the Spanish American War.

    The Progressive Spirit of Reform - Students will discuss how the late 1800s were a time of contrasts in American life.  Great wealth created through business ventures existed alongside poverty and the difficulties of tenement life. In politics, money led to corruption and dishonesty - Reformers worked to improve these areas.

    World War I – Students will examine the various issues, causes, battles, and outcomes that affected the Great War. Lessons also explore the reason the United States entered the war.

    Roaring Twenties – Students will examine the post-war challenges of the 1920’s such as the Red Scare, the rise of the KKK, and the changing economic climate.

    The Great Depression – Students will examine the different problems and causes of the depression and what the New Deal meant to America.

    World War II – Students will analyze the stepping stones to the Second World War, as well as examine the reasons for the United States involvement.

    The Cold War – Students will evaluate the concept of the Iron Curtain, the spread of communism, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the conflict with Vietnam.

    Changing Times in America – Students will examine an overview of the Civil Rights Era and the Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations.

    Modern America – Students will view a comparison of the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations. Lessons will look at the economic and foreign policies during these years.