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    Welcome students and parents to Woodlands Middle High School.  I am pleased to share some exciting enhancements for the new school year.  We have completely restructured our Master Course Schedule to increase academic rigor, encourage articulation between colleges/universities, and expand our technology department.  Additionally, we created a challenging academic environment by increasing the number of Advanced Placement courses offered to all grades. We will launch our parent portal, which will allow parents to monitor their child’s progress.  Our staff will continually update the parent portal with accurate information based on their assessment of established obtainable goals for each student. 

    We expect all students to come to school prepared every day to learn with laser-like focus and an open mind.  Our engaging academic environment requires students and parents to become active participants in the education process. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 914.761.6052 Ext. 3003 or msmith@greenburghcsd.org

    Again, on behalf of the Woodlands Middle High School staff and faculty, I wish to extend a warm to the New Year and looking forward to a wonderful rest of the school year.

    Matthew C. Smith

    Principal of Woodlands Middle High SchoolIB Diploma Programme

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