• Welcome to Chorus!

    The Woodlands Middle and High School Choruses continue to be a strong part of the Greenburgh Central School District.    They participate in Winter and Spring District Concerts as well as smaller events such as trips with the Key Club and Caroling Groups.  

    Our singers also participate in many other events as an extension of Chorus, such as the WCSMA All-County Chorus Fetival, talent shows and of course, our school musical.   Many of our students sing at the WCSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival in the Spring, where they recieve adjudication from professional voice technicians.  One of the unique aspects of our program is the choral pullouts component, where students receive small group and individual attention.  These pullouts are scheduled on a rotational basis so that students are not pulled from the same class every time. 

    All students are encouraged to further their interests in singing by speaking to Ms. Johnson. There are many opportunities to explore this particular talent, and we are coming up with more ideas for our students to be showcased!