Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sally Runolfsson


My name is Sally Runolfsson and I am a Special Education Teacher at Woodlands Middle School/ High School for twenty years.  Before Woodlands, I worked in a private school for five years.  I attended Manhattan College for my undergraduate and graduate degree.  Currently, I live in Westchester with my husband and two daughters.  I feel fortunate to work at Woodlands Middle School.  It is an exceptional place to work with amazing students!!!   I am looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year.  I will be teaching Science 7, Individuals and Societies 7, Language and Literature 7, Language and Literature 8, and Composition and Literature 12.  

Google Classroom Codes Codes:


Science 7/Period 1                                             y6futzh

Individuals and Societies 7/Period 2                 5lqflkc

Language and Literature 7/Period 6                  cyxzmzz

Language and Literature 8/ Period 7                  vkxpw3x

Composition and Literature 12/ Period 8            xdautoq


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