Library Hours: 8am - 3pm

Woodlands Library

  • Young scholars are welcomed to inquire, explore, discover, and investigate all of the resources in the Woodlands Middle School/ High School library!  Our collection is comprised of 19,791 materials of which 15,734 are books and 4,057 are non-print materials.  The non-print materials include 501 ebooks (fiction), 2262 ebooks (non-fiction), and 151 audio books. 


    Online resources are also available for students to access remotely 24/7.  They include 16 online encyclopedias and 17 research databases.  Over 20,000 electronic journals can be accessed via the databases.


    Instruction is provided in whole group, small group, and individual settings on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, citing sources, database searching, note taking, Internet safety, Internet sources, presentation tools, primary source documents, and writing a research paper.


    Adjacent to the library is our student innovation lab that houses our Makerspace and 30 computers for students to work independently or in small groups during their free periods and after lunch.








  • Students are provided the tools and opportunity to employ inquiry skills in a global community center.  This inclusive learning environment, known as a Makerspace, encourages students to tinker, play, and explore by using a design process. 

Library Lotto

  • Each month one book review is drawn from the library lotto box located on the library circulation desk. The more books students review the greater their chances of winning gift cards, phone chargers, phone cases, and earphones!