IB Chemistry SL Year 2

  • IB Chemistry Syllabus

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    Course Description

    IB Chemistry provides students an in depth learning opportunity in chemistry, and connects chemistry to other subjects as well as real-world experiences. The course culminates in an External Assessment (written test of concepts from IB), an Internal Assessment (student laboratory investigation and research paper), and a Group for activity (done as a class). The course occurs over two years, completed in the senior year of the student.

    Syllabus Outline


    There are also four options. Each option takes up 15 hours of teaching time at Standard Level and 25 hours of teaching time at Higher Level. Both Standard and Higher Level students are expected to study just one of the four options.

    Option A: Materials  |  Option B: Biochemistry  |  Option C: Energy   |  Option D : Medicinal chemistry  


    • Kognity Online Textbook
    • Internet access with device
    • Online notes, presentations, assessments, homework, and laboratory activities.
    • All resources are presented electronically including notes.


    • All upcoming assignments and readings will be posted a week in advance for your review.
    • Homework will be completed and turned in on time.
    • All assigned work will be completed on time.
    • All classwork not completed during class becomes homework
    • Get to class on time
    • Be prepared to share what you learned from previous lessons and/or readings
    • Communicate any difficulties with coursework and/or class
    • Maturely approach any barriers to learning that may exist or come up
    • Respectful communication to students and instructors
    • Appropriate grade-level behavior
    • Appropriate grade-level written and verbal communication


    • Assessments (Tests/Quizzes) – 50%
    • Homework                            – 20%
    • Laboratory Activity Reports    – 30%

    Laboratory Activities

    • Digital Lab lesson worksheets
    • Interactive online laboratory activities
    • In-person hands-on laboratory activities (when in-person learning is occurring)


    • Kognity Online Textbook
    • Teacher mini lessons
    • Online class notes
    • Practice Worksheets
    • Hands-on Laboratory Activities
    • Animation and Video resources

Class News

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