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Ms. Chaves

Welcome to Living Environment. Living Environment is a life science class formerly known as Biology. The class culminates in a Regents exam in June. We cover the following topics: Similarities and Differences Among Living Things, Homeostasis in Organisms, Genetics, Reproduction and Development, Evolution, Ecology, Human Impact on Ecosystems, Scientific Inquiry and Skills, and Laboratory Skills.

NYS requires 1200 minutes of laboratory activity for a student to be eligible to take the Living Environment Regents exam.


2020-2021 Google Classroom Codes: Google Meet codes can be found after you join the Classroom:

Period 1/2 Living Environment: w6rgsb3

Period 2 Intro to Forensics: r4kc6j4

Period 3 Science 7 Honors: f4izozq
Period 7/8 Living Environment: coudyxv