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    Dear Community Members,

    The last days of school typically bring joy and a sense of celebration to students, parents, and educators. The end of the 2017–18 school year, indeed, delivered
    on this promise. The Greenburgh Central School District is proud to have graduated 96% (unofficial data) of its 2018 senior class. We wish our Class of 2018 and all students who participated in moving up ceremonies the very best of luck as they explore new heights and continue on their journey.

    The warm weather and Summer months provide staff, students, faculty, school board members and parents with the opportunity to reflect on the goals we set at the beginning of the school year and chart the course for the school year ahead. It is with extreme pride that I announce the Greenburgh Central School District has met or exceeded the goals in its strategic plan for the 2017–18 school year. Please read School Board President David Warner’s letter in this edition of Falconer to learn more about our collective work in a meeting or exceeding our strategic plan goals for the 201718 school year. In addition to meeting the strategic plan goals, the Greenburgh Central School made extraordinary evidence-based strides in other areas—including our World Class academic offerings to all students.

    In the 2017–18 school year, the Greenburgh Central School District launched an exciting Mandarin Chinese Language program to its students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students not only learned a new world language but immersed in the Chinese culture. Additionally, we streamlined our literacy instructional practices from elementary through high school with the support of the Orton-Gillingham model. We are proud of the opening of our two Innovation Rooms, located at Woodlands Middle/High School and Bailey Elementary School. The Innovation Rooms provide students with the opportunity to actively engage in STEAM activities as an individual or a group. Earlier in the 2017–18 school year, our school district was selected to participate in a national focus study for elementary social studies instruction. Select Greenburgh Central School District teachers and administrators alike traveled to Chicago, Illinois to collaborate with educators from across the country about sound instructional practices in the area of social studies. The school district partnered with Princeton Review to offer SAT Prep to high school students at no cost to our families. We are pleased to announce our final candidacy Stage in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB-DP) application process. In preparation for a successful application process, we are in the process of preparing for an IB-DP curriculum.

    Furthermore, we are excited to have launched the much-anticipated Advanced Learning Program (ALP) for students in Grades one through six. The ALP offerings will address the academic and social needs of our accelerated learners through rigorous instructional offerings. As you can imagine, we are proud of our World Class academic endeavors and look forward to our students excelling in all categories.

    The Greenburgh Central School District recognizes safety as its highest priority. We made tremendous improvements in addressing safety and security for all students, staff, and faculty. In the 2017–18 school year, we installed additional surveillance cameras throughout the school district. We also initiated the installation of alarms on our exterior doors at our schools. Additionally, the school district provided robust training to its existing school safety monitors, and this has led to the promotion to school safety officer for some. Through our healthy partnership with the Greenburgh Police Department, the entire school district received “Active Shooter” and “Stop the Bleed” training. We will continue to train our staff and faculty on pertinent safety measures in the next school year. It is important to share, once again, that our school district adopted Anonymous Alerts® in the Spring of 2018. This App provides students and parents with a tool to immediately alert school administrators of potential dangers, bullying and/or threats in an anonymous format. Please visit our website to learn more about our new Anonymous Alerts® tool. Several administrators, safety staff, technology personnel and a school board member participated in the Annual National School Safety Conference in Orlando, Florida to learn more innovative ways to keep our teaching and learning environment safe. We are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all.

    Not only have we improved our safety measures throughout the district, but we’ve also begun the work to address the social and emotional needs of our students. We recognize that our day-to-day work must include addressing the social and emotional needs of all children. With that said, we are proud of our continued participation in the My Brother’s Keeper Grant—where 125 male students are mentored and lovingly supported by responsible adults. We also enlisted the support of Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams, Board Certified Psycho- Therapist, to provide seminars for our parents in addressing the social and emotional needs of their children. In the late Spring, we applied for a competitive grant to provide additional resources to the school district for mental health education. We will continue to identify resources and provide training that will address social and emotional support for our students.

    Although our campus has recently attracted a Countywide Football Camp and numerous movie productions with major Hollywood A-listers such as Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro, there is much evidence that our facilities are aging rapidly. In alignment with our commitment to health and safety, the school district made numerous improvements to its facilities. We installed two new boilers at Woodlands Middle/High School. We erected a new fence at Richard J. Bailey Elementary School. We also installed a new sewer line at the Mansion/ Early Childhood Program. Thanks to our dedicated community for supporting the Repair Reserve—two new gym floors were installed, one at HighviewElementary School and the other at Woodlands Middle/High School. The Repair Reserve also supported the installation of the public announcement (PA) system at Highview Elementary School, new stair treads at Woodlands Middle/High School and new door access at Lee F. Jackson Elementary School. In the coming weeks, I look forward to meeting with community groups to discuss the future of our aging facilities.

    We continue to improve our outreach to this inter-connected world by maintaining the latest technology. In the 2017–18 school year, the Technology Department streamlined the inventory of aging equipment and replaced outdated tools with new hardware. Moreover, we upgraded the entire Wi-Fi connectivity. You may have noticed that we migrated to a Gmail platform. This has increased our usage of the Google suite throughout the district. A new and improved website will be launched in the Fall of 2018. This enhanced website will provide improved usability and will continue to serve as a source of information to our community. In the 2017–18 school year, we underwent a rebranding initiative. Our logo, mascot, stationery, and brand is now uniformed and cohesive; this gives us just one more reason to be proud Falcons! While we are on the topic of communications, our District’s Public Relations Team was selected to present at the National School Public Relations Association annual conference in Anaheim, California. During the presentation, the team shared our work in managing communication and the importance of taking control of the District’s narrative. You can access the presentation on the District’s public access channel.

    This letter only includes a portion of our collective evidence-based accomplishments for the 2017–18 school year. Working side by side with staff, faculty, community members, school board members, and families has indeed proven successful and yielded impressive outcomes for our students and our school district. There is still much work to be done to become the World Class School District we envisioned four years ago...we are almost there! In order to reach this ambitious yet attainable goal, we must continue our work together for all children.

    On behalf of the staff and faculty of the Greenburgh Central School District, I look forward to welcoming you all back to school on September 4, 2018, for what promises to be a monumental 2018–19 school year. Until then, please continue to enjoy the spoils of the remaining weeks of Summer.



    Dr. Tahira A. DuPree Chase

    Superintendent of Schools 

Greenburgh Central School District Superintendent
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