Department Overview

    The Business Office is honored to provide support to some 400 staff members and ensures accurate compliance with administrative regulations of our Civil Service collective bargaining units, NYS regulations, and proper administration of our personnel practices. 
    The Assistant Superintendent for Business (ASB) serves as a member of the Superintendent’s cabinet and top advisory team. Coordination of all Civil Service administrative support for the District is designed to facilitate the delivery of educational services. Effective cost control and revenue management are the goals of this officer. Responsibilities for the ASB of the Greenburgh Central School District include the administration and coordination of the District business financials and related activities. Advice is given to the Superintendent and the Board of Education on appropriate matters. Furthermore, daily operations are not limited to the following: budget preparation and fiscal analysis, reports to SED; purchasing, accounting, and office management.   
    Moreover, supervisory oversight is not limited to the following: insurance, payroll, school lunch program, student activity fund management, fringe benefits, banking and investment program, cost analysis, internal and independent audits, tuition and health charges, and account receivables. 
    Consequently, the ASB is responsible for transportation, food service, and building maintenance. The responsibilities for contract services include: Fiscal advisory consultant services, inventory software support, 403(b) compliance and third party administration of tax shelter.
    The extent of interaction between the ASB, the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, staff, parents and community including the press is dynamic. Pertinent information is communicated to all stakeholders in order to ensure an informed and engaging community.
    The following is a partial listing of responsibilities performed or supervised by the Assistant Superintendent for Business of the Greenburgh Central School District: 
    • Accounting
    • Human Resource Management
    • Auditing
    • Information Management
    • Budget Development
    • Insurance/Risk Management
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Investments
    • Collective Bargaining
    • Management of Business Office
    • Community Relations
    • Operations & Maintenance
    • Educational Facilities Planning
    • Payroll Management
    • Emergency/Disaster Planning
    • Purchasing/Supply Management
    • Financial Reporting
    • Records Management
    • Food Service
    • Staff Development
    • Transportation


Contact Us

  • Mary O'Neill

    Assistant Superintendent for Business 

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3108



    Laurie D’Amico

    Business Office Secretary

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3106



    Alicia Madera

    District Treasurer

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3159



    Darleen McNerney - Payroll

    T: 914.761.6000 Ext. 3111


    Victoria Lucas - Payroll

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3109



    Immacolata Loffredo - Benefits

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3110



    Tara Darling - Accounts Payable

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3105



    Ivy Kraus - District Clerk

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3114



    Mike Falcone

    Facilities & Operations

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3135 


    Karen Walsh 

    Facilities & Operations Secretary

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3147



    Frank Gunn


    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3140



    Ivy Blum

    Transportation Secretary

    T: 914-761-6000 Ext. 3107