• FOCUS AREA I - Update District Facilities and Technology

    ·   Replace/update aging facilities to meet and exceed 21st century requirements for teaching and learning by 2021

    ·   Develop technology systems and practices that support an evolving and adaptable learning environment by 2020

    ·   Promote the increased usage of technology and innovative initiatives each year of the strategic horizon


    FOCUS AREA II - Expand Stakeholder Engagement

    ·   Increase parental involvement at all levels to support district programs and student achievement each year of the strategic horizon

    ·   Develop partnerships with business and community based organizations to secure additional resources to support district programs and students by 2018

    ·   Develop engagement models for the community-at-large to secure broad base support for the strategic plan on a continuous basis


    FOCUS AREA III - Align and Articulate Curriculum

    ·   Implement an aligned and articulated curriculum across all content areas for Pre K-12 by 2020

    ·   Provide equitable access to academically rigorous courses and programs for all students by 2019

    ·   Improve student achievement each year of the strategic horizon by 5%

    ·   Achieve a 100% graduation rate by 2021 (margin of error+/- 5%)


    FOCUS AREA IV- Stabilize Leadership

    ·   Develop protocols to evaluate school climate on an annual basis by 2018

    ·   Improve and implement district processes by 2018 to attract and retain highly qualified staff


    FOCUS AREA V- Fiscal Stability and Efficiency

    ·   Develop and implement a multi-year financial plan, beginning 2017

    ·   Establish and implement cost saving measures each year of the strategic horizon

    ·   Increase strategic partnerships and grant opportunities by 2020