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    A Message from the President of the GCSD Board of Education, Antoinette Darden-Cintron:

    Dear Greenburgh Community:

    As we enter a month of a completely new world in education, the Board of Education recognizes the resilience, patience, and strength of the Greenburgh Central School District community during a time of uncertainty and an ever-changing landscape for us all.

    I think it is safe to say many of our parents, guardians and caregivers have a greater appreciation of the work of educators, as you support your own children at home during the remote learning experience. Our educators, staff and administrators deserve a round of applause for their efforts to maintain excellence in learning, to promote social-emotional and physical health and in finding joy even in challenging times such as these.

    The Board of Education is dedicated to ensuring the business of our district remains a priority. Many of you have inquired about the status of the 2020-2021 school year budget. We have been working with Superintendent Chase and our district administrators to develop a fiscally responsible and student-focused budget. During these tremendously challenging times and an economic landscape we cannot predict, these circumstances make our work very challenging.  However, we appreciate all of the concerns and positive thoughts shared by the community. 

    Please note that we continue to work to finalize a budget for your review. The district’s communication committee is currently working on the budget newsletter and will be finalized once the Board approves the final draft of the budget. As we always have done, a final draft of the budget, presentations and opportunities to ask questions about the budget will be provided.  What we know at this time, the election and budget vote, which was previously scheduled to occur on May 19, 2020, has been postponed until at least June 1, 2020, and is subject to further directive as to the timing, location or manner of voting.  We are awaiting additional direction from Governor Cuomo. Please note, we will continue to conduct business by holding remote meetings in accordance with the Governor's Executive Order 202.1. These meetings will not include in-person attendance by the public. However, they will be streamed live on the District’s website at and transcribed later. 

    If you have questions or comments about what was discussed during a remote meeting, please send an email to the District Clerk, Ivy Kraus, at Please include your name and address at the beginning of the email for our records. Responses will not be live, but the Board will respond as soon as possible to questions that are relevant to the agenda with the exception of those that are personnel related.  

    I leave you with this. During challenging times, it takes extraordinary people to be brave, to be compassionate, and to show profound understanding for one another. Right here in the Greenburgh Central School District that is what thrives! We wish you good spirits, kindness in your heart, and the best of health. Thank you.


    Antoinette Darden-Cintron

Board of Education

  • Greenburgh Central School District is governed by a Board of Education comprised of seven members, each serving a three year term.

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Board of Education Meetings

  • It is the policy of the Board of Education to announce, in advance, through the newspaper and our website, the date, time and place of all Board meetings. Board of Education meetings is open to the public. Please consult this calendar and our website for specific meeting dates.  Individual citizens or groups who wish to discuss a specific topic at a public meeting have the opportunity to do so during the “Statements from the Public” portion of the agenda. While the Board of Education encourages the participation of students in interpreting the educational program of the schools to the community, it is the Board’s policy that: students shall not be exploited for the benefit of any individual or group and shall participate only in appropriate situations.  The use of students shall always be evaluated in terms of the effect on the child, and students shall not solicit or promote school District issues without the approval of the Superintendent of Schools.  To be notified of Board meetings, please send your name and mailing address to the District Clerk (Ms. Ivy Kraus, Administration Building, 475 West Hartsdale Avenue, Hartsdale, N.Y. 10530) or email the District Clerk at ikraus@

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  • The Greenburgh Central School District broadcasts Board of Education meetings live over the Internet. With Video on Demand, Board meetings, as well as instructional workshops and programs, can be viewed at any time on the District website. District-wide information, upcoming events, Board meetings, activities, and school concerts can also be seen on channels 77 (Cablevision subscribers) and 33 (Verizon subscribers).

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