Google for Education

  • The Greenburgh Central School District utilizes Googe Apps for Education, Chromebooks, and other chrome devices throughout the district.  Chromebooks give students, teachers, and administrators a simple solution for fast, intuitive, and easy-to-manage computing. Chromebooks provide access to the web’s education and collaboration resources, as well as offer centralized management and low total cost of ownership.

Help Topics

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  • 1. Why can't my child forward emails to me on my personal account?

    Student emails are for internal use only.


    2. Will a parent be able to log into the student Classlink while the student is logged on?

    Yes, you can access Classlink if logged in as your child.


    3. Can Google Classroom work on Chrome browsers on PCs or iPads? 

    Yes, the Classroom can be accessed from any device.


    4. How can we add Google extension that will help our kids, especially the younger ones-expand the grid view (up to 30+ people in the view), Push to Talk-Mute button on-off with the keyboard button, Nod reaction (so kids can use the raise your hand icon)

    Many of those features are already pushed to our Chromebooks or will be pushed very soon.


    5. Is there a way to scroll across tiles when there are too many to view on one screen?

    A button should be at the bottom center of the page to go to the next page if needed.


    6. Sometimes my child submits assignments, and they show them missing, but we cannot submit them again unless we get permission from the teacher to get them again. What can we do if this happens again?

    In those situations where the network seems to error out, the best thing to do would be what you're doing already, which is to message your teacher and explain that the assignment was handed in and ask for a re-submission.