Procedures for School Closing, Delayed Opening, and Early Dismissal

  • General Information:
    The Greenburgh Central School District has the responsibility to determine when weather conditions prohibit or affect the safe transportation of district students to and from their assigned academic programs. The District will utilize the resources available for this endeavor and the Superintendent of Schools will make the final decision.


    On those days when weather or some other condition requires a change in the regular school day, such information will be broadcast over:


    School Closing: 

    Announcements will be made over the radio and TV as soon as the decision has been made. Shortly thereafter a message will be posted on the District’s website.


    Delayed Opening:

    Announcements will follow as soon as a decision has been made and will include the length of the delay. The delay will pertain to all bus runs scheduled throughout the school district, for both public and private school students. For instance, a two-hour delay will mean that all buses will run two hours late.


    When inclement weather forces a change in the normal schedule, it is essential to listen to the radio, watch the above listed TV channels or visit the District’s website for accurate information on bad weather days.


    As we cannot provide proper supervision for your children in the schools on delayed opening days, please do not drop your children off at school before the designated delayed opening time. Dismissals on days of delayed opening will be at the regular time, unless otherwise announced.


    Early Dismissal: 

    Announcement of such dismissal will be made as early as possible via the media and by existing telephone chains. 


    Please remember the importance of having a back-up designee to whom children can go when you are not home and an early dismissal takes place.  Students who are not dropped off by the bus because no one is home to receive them will be returned to their respective school. Parents will then be contacted to effect their pick up from there.


    All non-public schools will be requested to dismiss their Greenburgh CSD students at the announced early dismissal time if bus runs are timed to coincide with the public school runs. If this request is not or cannot be met, the Greenburgh Central School District  cannot be responsible for the transportation of such non-public school students.

    It is expected that all non-public and/or other out-of-district school will have an effective notification system in place regarding the delays, early dismissals or school closings.