• Our Strategic Plan for 2022-2027

    Our Mission

    We will educate our students in a healthy and safe environment in which they will develop a lifelong love of learning to successfully navigate a rapidly changing global community.

    Our Vision

    We will be a High Performing School District that educates all students to interact intellectually, socially, and emotionally as global citizens.

    The LENS through which we will achieve our vision:

    Our Portrait of a Graduate from Greenburgh Central School District: A Greenburgh Graduate is kind, conscientious, capable, and independent who welcomes diverse perspectives and comfortably adjusts their views as they grow. As collaborative, creative and critical thinkers and communicators, as well as curious lifelong learners, they cultivate tools needed for sustained growth. As an ethical and global citizen of the world, the Greenburgh Graduate feels the full support of a proud Greenburgh community.

    To meet the demands of our changing economy and rising work force, we believe that our commitment is to prepare students with the necessary 21st Century knowledge, life and career skills, habits and traits that are critically important to student success in today’s world as they transition to college level coursework, workforce training and/or employment.

    The Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework describes the skills, knowledge, and expertise students must master to succeed in work and life. This framework combines content knowledge, learning, life and literacy skills and believes that the "base" of 21st Century Learning is the acquisition of key academic subject knowledge, and that schools must build on that base with additional skills to include:

    • Learning Skills: also known as the "four Cs" of 21st century learning. These include critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.
    • Life Skills: flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity, leadership
    • Literacy Skills: information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy, financial literacy

    The District will design with input from students a District Portrait of a Graduate Framework for 21st Century Learning logo that will define, develop and communicate our strategy of a Portrait of a Graduate that combines content knowledge, specific learning, life and literacy skills and what it means for students to be college, career and future ready.


    Our Core Beliefs

    • We believe in providing an academically rigorous experience that promotes academic excellence for all students.
    • We believe in nurturing student development intellectually, emotionally, creatively, socially, and physically.
    • We believe students achieve their full potential through the collaborative efforts of parents, educators, support staff, and community members.
    • We believe in sustaining a climate and culture that fosters open communication, transparency, honesty, and respect for the individual.

    District Strategic Goals

    The Strategic Plan establishes five (5) goals for primary focus. Each goal represents a building block to ensure that all students leave high school able to demonstrate the attributes of our Portrait of a Graduate (POG).

    1. Student Success

    We commit to reach, challenge, and prepare every student for success in school and life.

    • Establish link to the POG
    • Assess Early Childhood Education and Special Education support
    • Review IB programs, Advance courses (i.e. ALP) for placement and expansion
    • Assess SEL impact and multi-tiered support intervention services for students

    2. Infrastructure

    We commit to update/repair/replace District facilities and technology to ensure student safety and health, and to meet the requirements of the future classroom.

    • Develop models for stakeholder outreach for support of building projects
    • Develop a five-year improvement plan and align with an implementation strategy
    • Extend opportunities for the public utilization of school resources

    3. Communications

    We commit to develop and expand communications models to engage the total community.

    • Expand communications to include the community at large
    • Focus on public relations with emphasis on promoting a positive Image of the District
    • Utilize the community as a partner not as an audience to improve collaboration
    • Develop strategies for greater inclusion of the Hispanic/Latino community
    • Explore opportunities for students to engage in internships and public speaking (i.e., practice interviews, student voice initiatives, etc.)

    4. Safe and Healthy Climate and Culture

    We commit to foster a responsive, caring, and inclusive culture and climate where all feel safe, valued, supported, comfortable, and hopeful.

    • Upgrade job descriptions to match expectations
    • Develop repeatable and sustainable practices for cultural awareness
    • Develop protocols to ensure each building is inviting and welcoming
    • Develop protocols that reinforces dignity and respect for all
    • Update District-wide and Building Level Safety Plans/Protocols

    5. Premier Workforce

    We commit to recruit, hire, recognize, retain and support exceptional diverse employees to maximize student success.

    • Develop a District Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy and Plan to include effort to recruit, cultivate, retain and support a staff that reflects the student body
    • Recruit and retain a highly qualified workforce with increased emphasis on Early Childhood, SEL, Science and Math instruction as well as the Arts
    • Establish stability in leadership, program and curriculum development
    • Review hiring protocols to develop early access to outstanding candidates
    • Provide quality professional development to align with future educational priority of District

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