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CNSTNT:DVLPMNT is back in the building!

Last year, RJB students Anderson and Gabby were in fifth grade and part of the first cohort of GCSD elementary and middle school students who participated in an after school pilot program brought to the school by R.J.B. teacher Liz Watson and Timberland Designer Chris Dixon’s educational program- CNSTNT:DVLPMNT that teaches students about shoe design. (See original story here: )
Anderson was shocked on the first day, he didn’t know that there was such a thing as a footwear designer. Gabby was excited about the program, as she loves to draw and sketch, but she also wasn’t sure if her skills would translate to shoe design. They both put their hearts and passion into their project and came up with designs that distinctly reflect what is important to them. And, at the end of the program last year, Anderson and Gabby were the two students chosen to have their shoes made into actual prototypes by Timberland!
“My dad works in the school district and is on his feet all day, so I wanted to make a shoe that would be comfortable and supportive for him. And my mom is very supportive of me, so I made a shoe with a shiny spring theme because she works nights at the school,’ said Anderson.
For Gabby, it was about being true to herself. “I connected to designs based on my emotions and lifestyle, putting my life into my designs.”
The CNSTNT:DVLPMNT team is back this year to teach the next generation of GCSD elementary and middle school students about shoe design. The online classes began last week and will run for five weeks on pure soleful creativity. Stay tuned for more on this amazing partnership!