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Mystery Readers Surprise LFJ Students For Read Across America Day

Mystery Readers Surprise LFJ Students For Read Across America Day


According to a variety of studies compiled by Literacy Project, a child is 90% likely to remain a poor reader at the end of the fourth grade if the child is a poor reader at the end of first grade.

The Greenburgh Schools are committed to achieving literacy in young students, as well as fueling a love of reading.  One of the many ways that happens is by participating in The National Education Association’s (NEA) Read Across America, a yearly and yearlong initiative that advocates the importance and fun of reading and sharing diverse books. Although NEA’s Read Across America Day is a uniquely special day to promote reading and commemorate the efforts of those who motivate and teach children to read, Lee F. Jackson Elementary took the opportunity to make Read Across America Day a multiple-week-long celebration, bringing in many mystery readers from across the community to read out loud for the students.

“Our students are thrilled to have mystery readers come into their classes. We believe it sends a powerful message to have adults taking the time to reinforce how important it is to read, as well as showing how much enjoyment can come from reading," said LFJ Principal Patricia Simone.

LFJ strongly believes activities like these are not only engaging, but also help cultivate an enduring, lifelong love of and open-mindedness towards learning that will support them through their IB education within the Greenburgh School District—a program which aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

"There is nothing better than watching our young students learn to love reading and develop critical thinking skills in the process. It's important for us to find opportunities to encourage and celebrate this progress," concluded Principal Simone.