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Highview Students Find Reading & Recess “Sets” Them Up for Success

Cooperation. Enthusiasm. Commitment. Many know that these nouns are among the IB Learner Profiles that are emphasized in our classrooms throughout the year. Yesterday, they were also some of the main themes in the book, Right, Left, Right by Janee Hayes, that 18 members of the Manhattanville Valiant Women’s Volleyball team read to our third-grade students during their visit to Highview. 

In the book, the main character Jana discovers her passion for volleyball but also finds that it doesn’t come easy. With the help of her coach and her own determination, Jana begins mastering the perfect footwork and swing and proves that dreams do come true if we believe in our abilities and ourselves. This important message led to a discussion of how this holds true not just in sports, but in the classroom and other aspects of life. 

Before the read-aloud occurred, students had already had the opportunity to interact with the athletes during recess and work on their volleyball skills. Two of the athletes are bilingual, which helped ensure that our ENL students were able to fully participate and engage with our guests. 

The Greenburgh Schools appreciate that Julene Caulfield, Manhattanville Associate Vice President of Athletics and Recreation, connected with the District to initiate this valuable partnership. Upon receiving the inquiry, Literacy Coach  Lori D'Andrea and Athletic Director Michael McCoy immediately recognized the benefit. 

“One of the most fundamental initiatives in our elementary schools is developing literacy and creating life-long readers,” said Ms. D’Andrea. “At the same time we recognize that students learn differently and that many need to be drawn into reading in a unique way.”

Mr. McCoy continued: “Many of our students are driven by athletics, and we believe that this partnership helps students appreciate reading and connect with an athletic character while, at the same time, giving them role models.”

Before they left, players donated a copy of Right, Left, Right to each grade 3 classroom, and the entire team autographed each book.

Up next in Reading & Recess! The Manhattanville Women’s Basketball Team will bring their reading and hoop skills to RJ Bailey. Stay tuned for additional visits in the coming months.