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RJB Delivers Important Messages through Music at Annual Winter Concert

R.J. Bailey's music program presented their winter concert last night, featuring the fifth and sixth grade bands, jazz band, and chorus ensemble. The students performed musical pieces that reflected messages of peace, resilience, and playfulness. 

Ms. Weinberg directed the lively band performances. RJB students played with added confidence by having Woodlands Middle High School student musicians seated next to them for support. “It’s a great way to demonstrate mentorship in real-time during a performance. The older students model for them not only musicianship, but also how to perform in front of an audience,” said Ms. Weinberg.

This year, one of her students was selected to the All-County Band. “It’s quite an accomplishment for Adrian,” she said. “He had one of the highest scores in the county. It’s wonderful to see students connect with music, and to be motivated to put in the effort to come for extra help and practice with WMHS student musicians on their own time. I truly believe it makes them feel good about themselves when they feel like they’re growing.” For Adrian, it doesn’t seem like work. “It wasn’t too hard for me to learn the saxophone. Sometimes the concept can seem difficult, but the instrument is simple to understand once you learn how it works,” he said. “I really enjoy it. I think I’ll be playing for the rest of my life.” 

The chorus performance, led by Ms. Buckhout, included the seasonal rock song “Get Your Winter On”, Song of Peace” which featured 14 chorus members in solos, duets, and trios,

“Do-Re-Mi” from the Sound of Music, and the pop song “Fight Song” which featured solo performances by three students. Just like Ms. Weinberg, Ms. Buckhout also has students who were selected for All County. Esme and Samuel will be performing with the All County Chorus ensemble in March. 

Congratulations to Ms. Weinberg, Ms. Buckhout, and all our student musicians. And, as the song goes, remember - As long as it’s cold out, gonna go with the flow. Winter’s gonna be here for a while anyway, you know. So… Enjoy! Have fun! Do stuff! Get your winter on!