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GCSD Students attend NY Knicks MLK Celebration sponsored by FISLL

On MLK Day, 7th-grade students Jeremiah Grant and Jahziah McCaskill-Gaines were extended an invitation to join the NY Knicks MLK Celebration held at Foot Locker on 34th Street. The event, generously sponsored by FISLL founder and NY Knicks legend Allan Houston, featured various activities. The young participants engaged in a sneaker decorating contest and had the opportunity to listen to a discussion on the enduring legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Notably, the concept of legacy is integral to the Life Principles outlined in the FISLL Fundamentals of Life Book, a work authored by Allan Houston. In recognition of their active involvement, Jeremiah and Jahziah were awarded copies of the book, along with a pair of Nike sneakers and a NY Knicks/FISLL bag and shirt. Jeremiah Grant, for his outstanding sneaker design and a compelling speech on Faith, also secured a gift card from Foot Locker—a well-deserved recognition of his commitment to the FISLL Principle. 🌟👟📚
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