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GCSD Students Join their Peers at All-County Chorus and Band Performance

Congratulations to RJB and WMHS students on their recent performance at the All-County Concert. The selected students performed with the best of the best at New Rochelle High. “It was a beautiful and exciting experience for all of us,” said Hillary Johnson. “Our students performed at such a high level. They’ve worked so hard; it was wonderful to see them shine.”

WMS flutist Caterina Gonzalez played in the All-County Band, and WHS chorus members Samantha Jorge (soprano), Yma Espinal (alto), and Cheo Villafuerte (baritone) performed with the All-County Chorus.

Representing RJB was saxophonist Adrian Kimbal, who performed with the All-County Band, and chorus members Esme Ives and Samuel Li Weintraub sang in the All-County Chorus. “There were some many talented people and all of our voices fit so well with each other and it sounded amazing.” said Samuel. Esme agreed, and shared her reflections on the performance. “It really was amazing,” she said. “To hear us all together, doing something we love, in front of an audience was an amazing experience.”