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Woodlands High School IB Diploma Programme Students Huff, and They Puff, and They Blow the Crowd Away with Their CAS Project and Performance for ECP Students

If you were to guess which character from the book ‘The Three Little Pigs’ would be the fan favorite amongst Pre-K students, who do you think it would be? Well, for Greenburgh’s ECP students it was (perhaps surprisingly) the wolf. It might not be such a surprise if you were in the audience as Woodlands High School IB students Logan, Ellie, and Rosilyn acted out the story, as their project partner Jasmine read it aloud to the class. Logan, as the wolf, added much charisma to its nefarious nature. That said, there were still several students who liked the little pigs the best. “I actually liked the first little pig the most,” said Aiden, an ECP student.

The high schoolers visited several ECP classrooms as part of the IB Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) project, which is part of Greenburgh’s IB Diploma Programme. They performed ‘The Three Little Pigs' and ‘Maisy Learns to Swim’ - a book about an elephant and her friends who are going to swim for the first time. Engaged reading and character acting weren’t the only skills these students brought with them that day; well-designed and constructed masks for each of the characters and some of the set pieces were also part of the show. 

“The CAS project is a student-led, community based project,” said Rosilyn. “Students take ownership of the project from start to finish. The purpose is to give back to our community in creative ways.” Logan shared his thoughts about the value of doing this chosen project for the youngest of students in the Greenburgh Central School District. “I think sometimes hearing a message from older students has a different kind of influence rather than just hearing it from an adult,” he said. “I think it can help to make it more relatable.”

The two books were chosen for its age-appropriateness and positive messaging. “Maisy Learns to Swim is about community because she was never alone in her experience of swimming for the first time,” said Ellie. “Resilience is at the center of the story of “The Three Little Pigs’. The wolf didn’t give up in his pursuit of the little pigs, and the little pigs never gave up on escaping the wolf and ultimately saving themselves.”