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GCSD Students’ Artistic Expression Transforms Greenburgh Town Hall into a Work of Art

Preparations are underway for the district-wide Art Show which opens this Wednesday at Greenburgh’s Town Hall.  Sarah Bracey White, Director of Arts and Culture for the Town of Greenburgh, anticipates this to be the biggest show yet. “We wanted to get as much art as we could from every student in grades K-12. The exhibit keeps growing,” she said. “At the rate we’re going, next year we might need to expand it to the second floor.”


In addition to having all grades represented in the show, there have been other thoughtful touches in putting it together. Dr. Macaluso, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, made the suggestion of framing the students’ artwork  for the show. Doing so not only made it look like an art gallery, but it also became a gift that students could take home and hang on their own walls. “Seeing their work framed just adds their pride,” said Ms. White.


The District’s investment in its arts program comes from an understanding of the importance of differentiated learning. “Some students want to demonstrate their understanding of the content they learn in different ways beyond writing answers down on a piece of paper,”  said Dr. Macaluso. “Engaging in an artistic way not only reinforces learning, it also encourages individual expression.“


It takes many hands to put the art show together every year. “It’s a big job, but it always comes together beautifully,” said Claire Cronin, WMHS Art Teacher. It's not just the beauty on the walls that is part of the experience, there’s beauty in it being shared with the entire Greenburgh community. “Last year we had 300 people attend the opening reception,” said Ms. White. “It’s a great example of our community coming together for the students.” For Town Attorney Joseph Danko the Greenburgh Town Hall is his office. As he walks through its halls during the month-long showcase, it transforms his day. “It makes a difference in my work day seeing all of the students’ artwork lining the walls,” he said. ”It’s like an unexpected kind of joy.”


The District Art Show Opening Reception will take place in the Greenburgh Town Hall Cafeteria on Wednesday, April 24 from 5pm-7pm. All are welcome.