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Woodlands Middle High School Students Dedicate a Week to Co-Occurring Disorder Awareness (CODA) Education and Prevention through Meaningful Partnership with The Harris Project

WMHS CODA Committee Students Khalia Nesbeth and Gisella and Marisol Polit led a four-day workshop during the week of April 15th that included activities and presentations designed to promote awareness of Co-Occurring Disorders (COD) for students in grades 7-12. Daily program activities focused on teen mental health and included “What’s Important to ME/US” poster activity, "Lend a Helping Hand" and Beach Ball activity “Toss & Tell”, CODA-themed Family Feud Game” about COD, mental health, and substance abuse, “Behind the Mask” which was an activity that encourages teens to bring together the versions of them they show the world with the version that they keep hidden, and “Bead to Connect” a bracelet-making exercise where students use letters and beads to make bracelets that describe themselves in a single adjective. 

The program’s activities were developed by The Harris Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders. Stephanie Marquesano, Founder of The Harris Project, has been working with the GCSD since 2019 to promote mental health wellness and awareness for teens. Stephanie founded the organization in honor of her late son, Harris, with the mission to help others who are battling COD.

On May 2nd, Stephanie Marquesano and CODA committee members shared information about CODA with the Greenburgh community during the Girls Varsity Flag Football game. As the Girls Varsity team prepared for their warm-ups, their uniforms adorned with The Harris Project decals, Stephanie took a moment to huddle with the athletes to tell the story of her son and the reason why information about COD is so important. In closing, Stephanie told the first-time WMHS all-female flag football team, “You are winners on and off the field just by representing The Harris Project.”

We hope you'll check out photos taken throughout the week on our social media platforms.