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Unity Day: Embracing Diversity and Building Kindness for all Falcons

The 18-member Superintendent Student Advisory Council (SSAC) has been meeting regularly to plan a Unity Day event, which took place on June 5. Students in the SSAC, ranging from grades 5 to 12, have been focused on improving belonging for all throughout the schools. Through discussion, the group arrived at the insight that celebrating the diversity that makes GCSD unique is an important factor in their efforts to enhance kindness and acceptance.

The event was the result of the student's hard work and genuine interest in the well-being of their peers and the greater Falcon community. The Council decided to collaborate with PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center to leverage their resources and create a tailor-made event that addresses the specific needs of their peers and the Greenburgh School Community.


Seventh grader Andrey Bracamonte was excited to participate in the inaugural Unity Day event, expressing, “We really didn’t want to just have an assembly that was run by someone else, so we worked with the group to make this event unique to our school.”

The students decorated the commons with multi-colored streamers to symbolize world colors and were given Happy Unity Day stickers. Student-led activities included a photo booth with props including flags from various countries allowing students to proudly claim their heritage. Each feather of a paper Falcon now includes a word or phrase written by students expressing how they feel about kindness, what they value, or what makes them unique.  "Notes of Kindness" were shared among students, staff, and faculty to show love and appreciation for one another. Students 

Dr. Iverson beamed with pride when she witnessed the Council’s hard work and ideas come to fruition. "It is very important that we give our students a platform to share their experiences and ideas and when they are empowered, they can do great things,” she said. “It is their powerful voices and passion that are helping to make our schools more engaging and inclusive for all Falcons."