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Greenburgh Central School Board Approves Capital Project Proposal


Greenburgh Central School Board Approves Capital Project Proposal

Public vote set for February 12, 2019, on plan for modernized, unified campus including community-use spaces.


Greenburgh, N.Y. (December 5, 2018) – On Tuesday, December 4, Greenburgh Central School District’s Board of Education unanimously approved a 2019 Capital Project proposal to go before voters on February 12, 2019. The proposal now set for public vote is a more fiscally conservative version of a plan which had been previously discussed. Both versions represent solutions to district-wide needs identified with guidance from a diverse, community-driven Construction Advisory Committee. The district’s current, revised plan also addresses input gathered from community members during board meetings and association meetings.  


The proposal is a scaled-down version of the previously discussed plan. It retains many of the critical details of the original, including the unification of all Greenburgh schools on one campus. An all-new school will be built for grades 3 through 8. Additions and renovations will be carried out at Lee F. Jackson School, which will serve our pre-K through grade 2 students. The district’s football field and track will also be upgraded. The revised plan omits improvements slated for the High School. The district now plans to prioritize the essential facility needs of its High School in the future through the budget.


The project proposes a sound plan to fund the renovations and new construction that will create a unified campus where all Greenburgh students, from pre-K through grade 12, will be able to learn together. The modernized campus would provide students access to adaptive, interactive and hands-on 21stcentury learning spaces. The unified model has shown to provide tremendous academic benefits that can lead to improved academic performance, including fewer transitions, extended inter-grade learning, closer and sustained student/teacher relationships and greater peer-tutoring and mentoring opportunities. Higher attendance rates and improved student behavior have also been attributed to this unified campus model.


From new classrooms to outdoor learning and play spaces to new facilities for the arts and athletics, the details of this capital project have been designed with students in mind; to enhance their educational experience by creating a new environment that drives critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Further, new community rooms and large flexible-use gathering spaces would be available for use by the public.   


The total cost of the 2019 Capital Project is $114.6 million. This represents a decrease of $51.4 million from the previous proposal that had been under consideration by the Board of Education. If approved, the adjusted 2019 Capital Project would result in a tax impact of $14 per month, per $100,000 of assessed property value, averaged over 30 years. That results in a monthly cost of $69 per month for the average assessed Greenburgh home.


The plan to bring all of Greenburgh Central School District onto a unified campus would take the district from five buildings to three. Lee F. Jackson Elementary School would be expanded and renovated for pre-K through grade 2 education. Students in grades 3 through 8 would attend classes in a newly constructed school building, which will have clearly demarked primary and secondary learning areas – including separate offices and entrances. Highview Elementary School and Richard J. Bailey Elementary School, both which are not meeting current educational standards, would close and be placed on the real estate market. Proceeds from the sales of these two properties may also be considered as a way to help fund the necessary repairs and improvements that will eventually occur at the High School.


“This is a well-conceived plan that will provide safe and secure, state-of-the-art learning spaces for every Greenburgh student; all on a campus that was donated decades ago expressly for the education of our community’s children,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tahira A. DuPree Chase. “Single campus learning environments improve quality of life for families and academic outcomes for students.”


The 2019 Capital Project proposal includes enhanced safety measures to be implemented district-wide, including the addition of secure vestibules, as well as renewable energy features for improved efficiency and sustainability. A building-by-building snapshot, including more details of the proposed 2019 Capital Project, are available at the District’s website.


“Reaching this exciting moment has taken some careful consideration of our needs as a district, along with some very thoughtful compromises. For example, we realize that there are some high priority repairs needed at the High School, and we will be addressing those through the budget,” said Dr. Chase. “In this district, our focus is always on our children, and I believe this plan lays out a vision for the brightest possible future we can provide them as a supportive community of educators, neighbors, and families. And, when we focus on empowering our youth by providing strong schools, we also invest mightily in our community.”


The Board of Education is currently working to establish a schedule of public meetings in the coming weeks to communicate the details of the 2019 Capital Project at locations convenient to its many stakeholders. To stay abreast of these important dates and to review detailed information about the items included in the 2019 Capital Project, including answers to many frequently asked questions, please visit