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Building and Construction Trades Council Endorses Greenburgh Central School District Capital Project

The Westchester Building and Construction Trades Council of Westchester and Putnam, representing more than 35,000 members in Westchester County, has formally endorsed the Greenburgh Central School District’s proposed 2019 Capital Project, calling it a “win” for the building trades and jobs in the region.

President Eddie Doyle said on Wednesday that the $114.6 million project, which would consolidate Greenburgh Schools onto the Warburg Campus and includes the construction of a new 3-8 elementary school, “will add paying jobs for electricians, plumbers, engineers and others in the building trades. They would be good paying jobs with benefits.”

Mr. Doyle also noted that the Trades Council run an apprenticeship program which trains and conducts background checks on potential new workers, then puts them on job sites like Greenburgh’s. “In many cases,” he said, “these become jobs for life for the people we train.” Greenburgh voters go to the polls on March 19 to vote on the Capital Project.

Mr. Doyle has served for many years as President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Westchester and Putnam and spent the bulk of his career with the Teamsters, including 20 years as business manager for Local 456. He has been a vocal proponent of bolstering the ranks of the unionized work force in the region while urging young people to consider jobs in the building trades.

Greenburgh Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tahira A. Dupree Chase said she was “thrilled” to receive the endorsement for the Capital Project, which would also add space at the existing Lee F. Jackson School and improve roads on the Warburg Campus to unify school buildings.

“To have the support of the Building and Trades Council is humbling and gratifying,” she said. “The Capital Project would not only be a step in the right direction for our District and students, but it would benefit our community and the region as a whole. That’s a contribution we would be more than happy to make.”