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C. Carter Holmes, a Woodlands Junior, Wins Second Place in Poetry Contest

C. Carter Holmes, an inspiring young writer and a junior at Woodlands Middle/High School, recently won second place in the Greenburgh Public Library's poetry competition. Read his poem here, and watch him talk about it on the video link. Congratulations, C. Carter! 

is it intuition or anxiety..?
what im feeling inside of me 
do i steed or do i hide from it
intuition or anxiety 
im a black man from what i can see 
aint it natural to be fearful
fear the system we live through
intuition or anxiety
maybe these are just karmic keys 
reminding me 
that three dollars and six dimes rule my life 
intuition or anxiety 
do i ask or ignore 
do i stay or do i go 
is it a yes or or a no 
intuition or anxiety 
how do ik the difference 
when my life has been in need of stitches 
when i thought it was intuition 
but it left me feeling so different 
intuition or anxiety 
my ancestors forced onto lynches 
now my peers forced into prisons
i just wanna pursue my vision 
not worry about if im next on the list and...
intuition or anxiety 
if i close my eyes i see two sides of me 
one telling me to stop one telling me to go...
one telling me to die one telling me to grow...
one telling me its okay the other screaming NO
what is it that im doing to myself
one step forward then two steps back
6 leaps forward and a wind sends me back
intuition or anxiety 
its killing me from the inside out 
intuition or anxiety 
thoughts of having my face torn out 
intuition or anxiety
i know right from wrong
intuition or anxiety 
i can run...
but i cant hide from me